January 21, 2005

Dennos Museum Center
Rob Weiler
Performing Arts Manager
Traverse City Michigan

"Yes, Queen Bey sold very well the last time she was here. We were especially impressed with the workshop she did during the day. We would like her to conduct another one here along with a performance..."

November 22, 1996

Eduardo Marzoratti
Cultural Director
Alianza Cultural Urugruay

"Ms. Queen Bey..a great artist, teacher, and an excellent ambassador of her city and her nation," "As Jazz Ambassador of Kansas City, Ms. Bey met the Mayor of Montevideo accompanied by the Director of the United States Information Service and the Director of Montevideo Binational Center. Ms. Bey's warm personality made this visit a very successful mission."

May 17, 2004

Topeka Performing Arts Center
Shawn Rice - Production Manager
Topeka, Kansas

"Queen appeared in ""Now Let Me Fly"", the theatre production honoring the 50th anniversary of the Brown vs. Brown legal decision desegregating schools in Topeka. Her performance was well received. We have 2,500 seats and the production was sold out well in advance."

June 6, 2003

Smoky Hills River Festival
Sharon Benson
Salina, Kansas

"Queen Bey has become a true 'Festival Favorite' of the audiences at the Smoky Hill River Festival. Her sense of jazz history, colorful stylings, great presentation and remarkable voice continue to bring that classy 'certain something' to our event." She will always have an artistic home in Salina."

February 3, 1993

Folly Theatre
Roselle A Tyner - Director
Kansas City

"Queen Bey appeared as the opening act for Billy Ecstine as part of the Folly Theater Jazz Series.." "She also appeared with Jay McShann and Claude Fiddler Williams on the 1990-1991 Jazz Series." "In addition to being a show stopper, Queen Bey is a very charming lady. She is down-to-earth caring warm person. There is not a hint of ""diva"" in her." "Queen Bey is an incredibly talented lady possessing a wide range of styles. She can sing blues, scat and straight ahead jazz all which she does equally well."

August 9, 2005

Sandusky State Theatre
Julie Baker
Sandusky, Ohio

"The Show was fabulous. It was a sponsored concert and the house was full. We have 1,500 seats."

July 30, 1996

Sterling P Cossabloom
Chair Department of Music
Southeast Missouri State University

"She's great! A cordial, outgoing, talented artist who not only lives up to her billing, but exceeds it."

February 27, 2001

The O'Shaughnessy
Patty Lynch
Saint Catherine University
St Paul, Minnesota

"What can I say. You can print anything you want about Queen Bey that is positive and I will agree with it." "Wow." "She exceeded every expectation. We have 1700 seats and it was such a pleasure to see the house full."

December 23, 1996

Pitt Jazz
Nathan Davis, Ph.D.
Professor of Music - Director of Jazz
Univeristy of Pittsburg

"In addition to being an outstanding performer, Queen is a highly articulate and intelligent spokesperson for African-American music. In her role as Kansas City's international ambassador of jazz, she has played an active and crucial role in perpetuating the art of jazz, both locally and internationally."

October 21, 1996

Dr. Leonard Brown
Northeastern University - Boston

"She is one of the most outstanding musicians to come out of Kansas City in the last thee decades and her reputation as an accomplished singer has spread thoughout the U.S. into international dimensions." "Suffice it to say she is a consummate artist, with a great stage presence, otustanding vocal abilities and exquisite taste. I consider performing with her a blessing."