After more than 50 years in the music business, Queen Bey's love of jazz and blues can only be surpassed by her enthusiasm for introducing young people to jazz.
From San Angelo, Texas to Uruguay, to Germany, Queen Bey has delighted young audiences with her professional performances, her workshops, and her words of encouragement.
"Queen Bey's workshop wasn't just about music. It was also about life...she told young people about staying in school and off drugs, learning about other cultures, gaining self-confidence, and staying away from negative rap music."
Allyson Reynolds Dixon
San Angelo Standard Times

Queen Bey has been working with students since the early 1980's.
"I don't want to just come and perform. I want to give them lessons on life."
Musically, Queen Bey takes students through gospel, blues and scat, and its relationship to rap music. "As it all boils down, we're all basically the same. It's just our cultures that make us different. But music helps bring us together. And that's my main focus with the kids. I love what I do, but I could do something different with the kids every day for the rest of my life."


"In her deep, booming voice Queen Bey - heard frequently at Kansas City's Plaza III and other spots across the nation - encourgaged even the most shell-shocked of the performers, sometimes whispering possible ""bob be bob"" combinations in their directions."
Topeka Capitol Journal - 1998
"Like a smooth breeze, Kansas City jazz singer Queen Bey blew into Fulton this week with a message beyond her music." "Queen Bey has a talent that captivates her audiences." "She's not only a superb singer, but she possesses a human warmth that makes her a wonderful ambassador for the youth, her country and the art of jazz."
Fulton Sun Gazette - 1999

Queen Bey provides in-school performances, workshops, audience discussions, master classes, and artist in residence programs to schools, colleges, universities and organizations. Performances are accompanied by a pianist or her full quartet band.
For more information on Jazz In The Classroom programs, please call 1-800-877-1980.